Shane Halloran

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The primary sequence of the microtubule-associated protein tau contains multiple repeats of the sequence -X-Ser/Thr-Pro-X-, the consensus sequence for the proline-directed protein kinase (p34cdc2/p58cyclin A). When phosphorylated by proline-directed protein kinase in vitro, tau was found to incorporate up to 4.4 mol of phosphate/mol of protein. Isoelectric(More)
Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) have the potential to treat many myocardial diseases. We investigated whether these multipotent stem cells derived from bone marrow could be administered safely into the coronary circulation of healthy dogs. We injected about 0.5 million cells per kg bodyweight of early passage autologous MSCs into the left circumflex(More)
Human activity recognition (HAR) in ubiquitous computing is beginning to adopt deep learning to substitute for well-established analysis techniques that rely on hand-crafted feature extraction and classification techniques. From these isolated applications of custom deep architectures it is, however , difficult to gain an overview of their suit-ability for(More)
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