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Motivated by RNA secondary-structure folding-landscapes based on computer algorithms we construct a mathematical framework which provides a comprehensive and coherent description of evolutionary dynamics. In this paper we study the evolutionary dynamics of a population of self-replicating RNA molecules with autocat-alytic interactions (hypercycles and(More)
This paper presents a fine-grain queueing model of MPI point-to-point messaging performance for use in the design and analysis of current and future large-scale computing systems. In particular, the model seeks to capture key performance behavior of MPI communication on many-core systems. We demonstrate that this model encompasses key MPI performance(More)
This paper describes work with end goal of quantifying the impact of threading on MPI performance models in order to enable justifications of model construction methods. To do so, it evaluates benchmarks on a specific, representative networked platform, and makes these contributions: 1) it evaluates the performance of point-to-point transmission between two(More)
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