Shane C Tipton

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INTRODUCTION The clinical relevance of limb length discrepancy (LLD) after total hip arthroplasty gains attention as the number of total hip arthroplasties increases. Although several techniques are commonly used to assess LLD using a pelvic radiograph, their accuracy is not well established. This study measures LLD using different techniques viewing the(More)
The treatment of knee osteoarthritis and the preparation for total knee arthroplasty require repetitive imaging to guide preoperative planning and operative technique. Full-length standing anteroposterior images are the gold standard in assessing the alignment of the limb via the measurement of the mechanical axis of the knee. The anatomical axis can be(More)
The clinical outcome of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) remains suboptimal in some patients. One of the factors that might hinder improved functionality may be postoperative limb length discrepancy due to increase in limb length of the operative limb. The objective of this cross-sectional prospective study was to examine the extent to which limb length change(More)
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