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Explored paraprofessionals' and patients' assessment criteria of therapeutic goals, especially patient recovery, in light of the increased use of mental health paraprofessionals in mental health settings. Patients (N = 146) and psychiatric technicians at a large state mental hospital were asked to make evaluative judgments about patients. The judgments were(More)
Studies on obesity and overweight measure the actual caloric amount in the foods selected or consumed. However, the food choices of individuals partly depend, if weight is a concern, on their social perception of caloric values of various foods. The study concerned the accuracy of 53 males and 82 females of various weight categories in their perception of(More)
College students read either pro or con passages about oral contraceptives. All passages contained the same statistical information, differing only in the way the information was interpreted. The passages were attributed either to a traditional physician, nontraditional physician, traditional magazine, or nontraditional magazine. Subjects in the pro(More)
The aim of this paper will be to consider the rise and subsequent fall in NPS use at national and local level with a focus on synthetic cannabinoid products in Kent. We will examine the local practice and policy responses by Kent's Young Persons' Drug and Alcohol Service towards a possible change in patterns of NPS drug consumption. The county has seen an(More)
Four hundred and sixteen male and 233 female subjects were observed in a university cafeteria at lunch time. They were categorized according to five perceived weight groups with category one being underweight and category five being overweight. The number of calories in the food bought for lunch by each subject was calculated and recorded. Males bought food(More)
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