Shane Alcock

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This paper presents the results of an investigation into the application flow control technique utilised by YouTube. We reveal and describe the basic properties of YouTube application flow control, which we term block sending, and show that it is widely used by YouTube servers. We also examine how the block sending algorithm interacts with the flow control(More)
The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 (CAA) is a New Zealand law that aims to provide copyright holders with legal recourse when content is illegally shared over the Internet. This paper presents a study of residential DSL user behaviour using packet traces captured at a New Zealand ISP before, shortly after and several months after the(More)
This paper introduces libtrace, an open-source software library for reading and writing network packet traces. Libtrace offers performance and usability enhancements compared to other libraries that are currently used. We describe the main features of libtrace and demonstrate how the libtrace programming API enables users to easily develop portable trace(More)
Open-source payload-based traffic classifiers are frequently used as a source of ground truth in the traffic classification research field. However, there have been no comprehensive studies that provide evidence that the classifications produced by these software tools are sufficiently accurate for this purpose. In this paper, we present the results of an(More)
Network packet traces can be used to derive traffic models suitable for simulation or emulation of networks. These traces are shaped by the conditions on the original network the trace was taken from such as latency, loss, congestion and path MTU. Using a trace to derive a model can give plausible results, but the model will strongly reflect where the trace(More)
Representing functions/procedures and processes/ structures for analysis of effects of failures on functions and operations " , [Modesitt 90] Modesitt, K.L., " Inductive knowledge acquisition experience with commercial tools for space shuttle main engine testing " , Proceedings of the fifth conference on Artificial Intelligence for space applica-Inductive(More)
At present, link layer topology discovery methodologies rely on protocols that are not universally available, such as SNMP. Such methodologies can only be applied to a subset of all possible networks. Our goal is to work towards a generic link layer topology discovery method that does not rely on SNMP. In this paper, we will present a new link layer(More)
It has been assumed that the need for successful NAT traversal discourages residential DSL users from running services or applications that require them to accept connections from remote hosts. However, there are now numerous approaches for NAT traversal but there have been no studies measuring the prevalence of DSL users accepting inbound sessions. This(More)