Shane Alan Evans

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Plant volatile compounds have been shown to affect microbial growth and seed germination. Here two fruity volatiles found in strawberry ( Fragaria × ananassa ), γ-decalactone ("peachlike" aroma) and methyl anthranilate ("grapelike" aroma), were tested for effects on relevant pathogens and seedling emergence. Significant growth reduction was observed for(More)
Aspergillosis (a fungal infection by an organism of the Aspergillus species) of the oral cavity is an uncommon condition which most frequently occurs in immunocompromised patients, such as those with haematological malignancies. In such patients, prolonged neutropenia secondary to chemotherapeutic agents enables the spread of invasive aspergillosis, which(More)
The use of decision tree analysis is discussed in the context of the anaesthetic and obstetric management of a young pregnant woman with joint hypermobility syndrome with a history of insensitivity to local anaesthesia and a previous difficult intubation due to a tongue tumour. The multidisciplinary clinical decision process resulted in the woman being(More)
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