Shandan Zhou

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Museum visitors are being overloaded with increasing amount and variety of information that heavens their burden to locate what is really interesting. Development of personalized service for museum visitors makes a promising effort to alleviate the problem. In this paper, a recommendation framework and the related algorithms are proposed for intelligent(More)
In this paper, we propose a scheduling framework and related algorithms for processing large-scale, computation-intensive divisible loads. The framework is organized into a two-level tree architecture. Based on this framework, admission test and load partitioning and distribution algorithms are designed to ensure that the multi-dimensional QoS requirements,(More)
A composite service can have its overall Quality of Service (QoS) measure computed with the QoS measures of its constituent services. In the stochastic case of QoS modeling, accurate computation for the probability distribution of the composite QoS measure is NP-hard because of the inherent complexities of probability value calculation for the function of(More)
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