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A dark-line two-dimensional magneto-optical trap of 85Rb atoms with high optical depth.
The zero magnetic field along the longitudinal axis allows the cold atoms maintain a long ground-state coherence time without switching off the MOT magnetic field, which makes it possible to operate the MOT at a high repetition rate and a high duty cycle.
Optimal storage and retrieval of single-photon waveforms.
The EIT quantum light-matter interface closer to practical quantum information applications by achieving optimal storage and retrieval of heralded single-photon wave packets using electromagnetically induced transparency in cold atoms at a high optical depth.
Recent advances in spin-orbit coupled quantum gases
Observation of symmetry-protected topological band with ultracold fermions
This work reports the observation for ultracold atoms of a noninteracting SPT band in a one-dimensional optical lattice and studies quench dynamics between topologically distinct regimes, revealing two fundamental types of spin-relaxation dynamics related to bulk topology.
Optical storage with electromagnetically induced transparency in a dense cold atomic ensemble.
The optimal storage efficiency in a dense cold (85)Rb atomic ensemble has a saturation value of 50% as OD>50, consistent with that obtained from hot vapor cell experiments.
Efficient quantum memory for single-photon polarization qubits
A quantum memory, for storing and retrieving flying photonic quantum states, is a key interface for realizing long-distance quantum communication and large-scale quantum computation. While many
Generation of narrow-band hyperentangled nondegenerate paired photons.
Taking into account the transmission losses and duty cycle, it is estimated that the system generates hyperentangled paired photons into opposing single-mode fibers at a rate of 320 pairs per second.
Spin-Orbit-Coupled Two-Electron Fermi Gases of Ytterbium Atoms
We demonstrate all-optical implementation of spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in a two-electron Fermi gas of $^{173}$Yb atoms by coupling two hyperfine ground states with a narrow optical transition. Due to
Shaping biphoton temporal waveforms with modulated classical fields.
It is shown that it is possible to generate nonclassical paired photons with a predesigned shape of the correlation function via four-wave mixing by periodically modulating the two input classical lasers.
Optical Precursor of a Single Photon
We report the direct observation of optical precursors of heralded single photons with step- and square-modulated wave packets passing through cold atoms. Using electromagnetically induced