Shanchan Wu

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Reading online content for educational, learning, training or recreational purposes has become a very popular activity. While reading, people may have difficulty understanding a passage or wish to learn more about the topics covered by it, hence they may naturally seek additional or supplementary resources for the particular passage. These resources should(More)
As part of the explosion in educational software, online tools, and open educational resources there has been a rapid devaluation of printed textbooks. While digital texts have advantages, printed textbooks still provide irreplaceable value over online media. Therefore technology should enhance, rather than eliminate printed text. To this end, this paper(More)
Web pages consist of not only actual content, but also other elements such as branding banners, navigational elements, advertisements, copyright etc. This noisy content is typically not related to the main subjects of the webpages. Identifying the part of actual content, or clipping web pages, has many applications, such as high quality web printing,(More)
The phenomenal growth in both scale and importance of social media such as blogs, micro-blogs and user-generated content, has created a need for tools that monitor information diffusion and make recommendations within these platforms. An essential element of social media, particularly blogs, is the hyperlink graph that connects various pieces of content.(More)
Images in reading materials make the content come alive. Aside from providing additional information to the text, reading material containing illustration engages our spatial memory, increases memory retention of the material. However, despite the plethora of available multimedia, adding illustrations to text continues to be a difficult task for the amateur(More)
We present a microblog recommendation system that can help monitor users, track conversations, and potentially improve diffusion impact. Given a Twitter network of active users and their followers, and historical activity of tweets, retweets and mentions, we build upon a prediction tool to predict the Top K users who will retweet or mention a focal user, in(More)
Microblogs such as Twitter support a rich variety of user interactions using hashtags, urls, retweets and mentions. Microblogs are an exemplar of a hybrid network; there is an explicit network of followers, as well as an implicit network of users who retweet other users, and users who mention other users. These networks are important proxies for influence.(More)
Today, students are offered a wide variety of alternatives to printed material for the consumption of educational content. Previous research suggests that, while digital content has its advantages, printed content still offers benefits that cannot be matched by digital media. This paper introduces the Meaningful Education and Training Information System(More)