Shanbao Cheng

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This paper presents a novel “layer jamming” mechanism that can achieve variable stiffness. The layer jamming mechanism exploits the friction present between layers of thin material, which can be controlled by a confining pressure. Due to the mechanism's hollow geometry, compact size, and light weight, it is well suited for various minimally(More)
This paper introduces a new mechanism for achieving tunable stiffness, named layer jamming, and presents a hollow snake-like manipulator having tunable stiffness capability. The layer jamming mechanism is composed of multiple layers of thin Mylar film, and makes use of amplified friction between the films by applying vacuum pressure. In contrast to other(More)
In robotic single-port surgery, it is desirable for a manipulator to exhibit the property of variable stiffness. Small-port incisions may require both high flexibility of the manipulator for safety purposes, as well as high structural stiffness for operational precision and high payload capability. This paper presents a new hyperredundant tubular(More)
This paper introduces the development of hybrid magnetic bearings (HMBs) for a maglev axial flow blood pump. The design criteria for the radial, axial and current stiffness of the HMB are proposed and the HMB is accordingly designed through theoretical calculation, 3-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis (3-D FEA) and experimental verification. Based on the(More)
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