Shanae W. Brown

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Interpersonal forgiving was conceptualized in the context of a 2-factor motivational system that governs people's responses to interpersonal offenses. Four studies were conducted to examine the extent to which forgiving could be predicted with relationship-level variables such as satisfaction, commitment, and closeness; offense-level variables such as(More)
Recent studies with Canadian runaway youth have questioned the prevalence of abuse experienced by teenaged runaways and the causal contribution of such abuse to runaway experiences (Kufeldt, Duriux, Nimmo, & McDonald, 1992; Kufeldt, & Perry, 1989). This is a descriptive investigation of the physical abuse experienced in a sample of 195 Canadian adolescent(More)
Eight patients rechallenged with lamotrigine after initial exposure which resulted in a skin rash are reported. On reintroduction of the lamotrigine, six of the patients had no recurrence of the rash. Of the other two patients, one had the occurrence of a mild fluctuating and qualitatively different skin rash on rechallenge. The other patient had developed(More)
We report a prospective series of 18 patients with a diagnosis of non-epileptic seizures (NES, pseudoseizures) identified in one unit. Sixteen patients agreed to complete a therapeutic programme. At the end of treatment eight were seizure free, three had only occasional NES and five were unchanged. At 1-year follow-up the situation remained similar(More)
OBJECTIVE The Monroe-Livingston demonstration project's capitation payment system (CPS) was evaluated to determine whether capitated funding of mental health care, compared with fee-for-service funding, could reduce hospitalization rates and improve functioning and symptoms for severely and persistently mentally ill adults without increasing the total cost(More)
EEG with co-registered electrocardiography was recorded during at least two interictal epileptiform EEG discharges in each of 11 patients who later suffered from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), and from another 11 age and sex matched patients, also with uncontrolled tonic-clonic seizures, drawn from the same centre who were still alive at the(More)
This paper presents the methodology for evaluating the Monroe-Livingston demonstration project's capitation payment system (CPS), based in Rochester, New York, for chronic mentally ill patients. To allow for both patient and provider choice within the experimental design, 1,587 CPS-eligible patients were randomly assigned at the start of the study to(More)
BACKGROUND While several studies suggest that traffic-related air pollutants are detrimental for respiratory health, few studies have examined relationships between residential proximity to a major roadway and asthma control in children. Furthermore, a major limitation of existing research is reliance on self-reported outcomes. We therefore determined the(More)