Shan-jun Liu

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In the present paper the thermal infrared spectral variation of quartz sandstone under uniaxial compression was detected by a spectroradiometer to study the sensitively responding waveband of infrared radiation excited by the pressure. The experimental result shows that the infrared spectrum varies with the load, and the variation feature is different in(More)
Original scientific paper Rock burst is a common serious geological hazard in underground engineering, which seriously affects the progress of projects. The mechanism of rock burst can be explained by the distribution law of rock fragments and its fractal characteristics. A simulation experiment of rock burst was conducted with the granite samples under a(More)
Foi desenvolvido um método de análise para a determinação de vapor de água, baseado num sensor capacitimétrico. Este detetor consiste de dois tubos concêntricos de aço inoxidável e fica localizado no tubo de amostragem da válvula introdutora de amostra do sistema de fluxo. O logaritmo da capacitância dos vapores de amostra (sinal analítico) apresenta uma(More)
A flow injection configuration (FIA) based on a galvanic detector for the determination of nitrogen dioxide is described. The gaseous sample is directly injected into a gaseous carrier. The sample is transported toward the detector. The steady state measurements are not required to obtain the reproducible peak signals. The features of FIA are compared with(More)
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