Shan-jun Huang

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A simple and reliable method of ultra-performance liquid chromatography with photodiode array detector (UPLC-PDA) was developed to control the quality of Radix Isatidis (dried root of Isatis indigotica) for chemical fingerprint analysis and quantitative analysis of eight bioactive constituents, including R,S-goitrin, progoitrin, epiprogoitrin, gluconapin,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the surgical outcomes for patients with locally recurrent rectal cancer (LRRC) and to analyze the prognostic factors. METHODS Clinical data of 187 patients with LRRC undergoing surgery at the First Hospital of peking University from January 1985 to December 2009 were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS Procedures performed included(More)
BACKGROUND MicroRNAs have been shown to offer great potential in both the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. Despite the well-established role of the miR-17-92 in cancer formation and progression, the contribution of each individual miRNA remains to be characterized. Thus, we investigated whether deregulation of the miR-17-92 associated with colon cancer(More)
The paper is to report the development of a method of quantitative analysis of multi-components by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for simultaneously determining paeoniflorin sulfonate (PS), paeoniflorin (PF) and albiflorin (AF) in sulfated Paeoniae Radix Alba. Moreover, the cytotoxicity of paeoniflorin sulfonate by MTT-assay and the acute(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the risk factors for the prognosis in patients with node-negative rectal cancer. METHODS Clinicopathological characteristics of 117 patients with lymph node-negative rectal carcinoma undergoing curative rectectomy from January 2005 to December 2008 were retrospectively analyzed. RESULTS The overall 5-year survival rate was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of combined resection for the treatment of T(4) gastric cancer and to refine the indication for en bloc dissection. METHODS Clinical data of 69 cases receiving combined resection were analyzed retrospectively, and compared with those of 45 cases undergoing palliative gastrectomy. RESULTS Of 69 cases, 54 patients(More)
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