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Based on the study of motion vector distribution from several commonly used test image sequences, a new diamond search (DS) algorithm for fast block-matching motion estimation (BMME) is proposed in this paper. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed DS algorithm greatly outperforms the well-known three-step search (TSS) algorithm. Compared with the(More)
The Wenzhou Municipality in Zhejiang Province is spearheading China's marketization and development of private enterprises. Its successful development trajectory, centered on family-owned small businesses embedded in thick local institutions , resembles Marshallian industrial districts (MIDs). However, with China's changing institutional environment and(More)
Increasing evidence suggests the important role of metabolic reprogramming in the regulation of the innate inflammatory response, but the underlying mechanism remains unclear. Here we provide evidence to support a novel role for the pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2)-mediated Warburg effect, namely aerobic glycolysis, in the regulation of high-mobility group box 1(More)
IFN1@ (interferon, type 1, cluster, also called IFNα) has been extensively studied as a treatment for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). The mechanism of anticancer activity of IFN1@ is complex and not well understood. Here, we demonstrate that autophagy, a mechanism of cellular homeostasis for the removal of dysfunctional organelles and(More)
To study the genetic basis of heat tolerance at anthesis, a set of chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs) derived from Sasanishiki (japonica ssp. heat susceptible) and Habataki (indica spp. heat tolerant) were used for analysis across three high temperature environments. Spikelet fertility (SF), daily flowering time (DFT) and pollen shedding level(More)