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Trehalose can reduce stomatal aperture by a hydrogen-peroxide-dependent pathway in Vicia faba L. (cv. Daqingpi) resulting in significantly lower values of net photosynthetic rate (PN), stomatal conductance (gs), and transpiration rate (E). At 8 and 24 h, the lower PN in trehalose-treated plants was accompanied by significant decrease in intercellular CO2(More)
Data curation is the act of discovering a data source(s) of interest , cleaning and transforming the new data, semantically integrating it with other local data sources, and deduplicat-ing the resulting composite. There has been much research on the various components of curation (especially data integration and deduplication). However, there has been(More)
Future progress in neuroscience hinges on reconstruction of neuronal circuits to the level of individual synapses. Because of the specifics of neuronal architecture, imaging must be done with very high resolution and throughput. While Electron Microscopy (EM) achieves the required resolution in the transverse directions, its depth resolution is a severe(More)
The challenge of recovering the topology of massive neuronal circuits can potentially be met by high throughput Electron Microscopy (EM) imagery. Segmenting a 3-dimensional stack of EM images into the individual neurons is difficult, due to the low depth-resolution in existing high-throughput EM technology, such as serial section Transmission EM (ssTEM). In(More)
A central problem in neuroscience is reconstructing neuronal circuits on the synapse level. Due to a wide range of scales in brain architecture such reconstruction requires imaging that is both high-resolution and high-throughput. Existing electron microscopy (EM) techniques possess required resolution in the lateral plane and either high-throughput or high(More)
Iron (Fe) deficiency is a well-known symptom of cadmium (Cd) toxicity. Here, the mechanisms underlying Cd impairment of Fe homeostasis in Arabidopsis were investigated. Arabidopsis plants were subjected to 0 (CK) or 10 μM Cd treatments. After the treatments period, Fe concentrations, expression levels of Fe uptake- and translocation-related genes,(More)