Shan Wu

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BACKGROUND Computational models of cell signaling networks typically are aimed at capturing dynamics of molecular components to derive quantitative insights from prior experimental data, and to make predictions concerning altered dynamics under different conditions. However, signaling network models have rarely been used to predict how cell phenotypic(More)
Biomimetic scaffolds have been proposed as a means to facilitate tissue regeneration by multi-potent stromal cells (MSCs). Effective scaffold colonization requires a control of multiple MSC responses including survival, proliferation, differentiation, and migration. As MSC migration is relatively unstudied in this context, we present here a multi-level(More)
With the rapid development of various group-oriented services, multipartite group communications occur frequently in a single network, where a multipartite access structure is defined to be a collection of the subsets of users who may come from different parts of the network such that only users in an authorized subset of users can use their shares to build(More)
Based on the analysis of five factors affecting energy risks, including supply and demand, economy, environment, transport, and disaster, this chapter establishes the prior-warning index system of the energy risk by covering 3 subsystems and 37 indexes. The three subsystems are the coal subsystem , the petroleum and natural gas subsystem , and the(More)
In this paper we tackle the problem of expression recognition by exploiting age-related spatial facial expression patterns, which carry crucial information that have not been thoroughly exploited. First, we conduct two statistic hypothesis tests to investigate age effect on the spatial patterns of expressions and on facial expression recognition(More)
Person re-identification has become a hot research topic due to its importance in surveillance and forensics applications. The purpose of person re-identification is to find the same person from disjoint camera views at different time. Most of the existing methods try to identify the person by measuring the similarity of two still images from different(More)
In wireless sensor networks, in order to satisfy the requirement of long working time of energy-limited nodes, we need to design an energy-efficient and lifetime-extended medium access control (MAC) protocol. In this paper, a node cooperation mechanism that one or multiple nodes with higher channel gain and sufficient residual energy help a sender relay its(More)