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Financial Network Representation Learning for Time Series Investment Behavior
A high efficiency financial network random walk model is proposed, mapping the timing concept into the node interaction tour mechanism while taking into account the investment behavior, from which the embedded vector is more able to support downstream machine learning tasks such as funding community discovery. Expand
Dynamic Game Model for Ranking Bitcoin Transactions Under GSP Mechanism
The dynamic game model shows that there is a perfect Bayesian game equilibrium solution in the payment decision, so there is no incentive for users to change the attached fee, and the whole system is maintained stably. Expand
Joint Resource Allocation and Mode Selection for Device-to-Device Communication Underlying Cellular Networks
This work studies issues pertaining to D2D communication, such as dual mode selection, channel allocation and power control, aiming at the maximization of the overall throughput of the system, while at the same time ensuring that the generated interference is kept minimized. Expand