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OBJECTIVE To identify flat lesion in colon and rectum with combination of magnifying endoscope and mucosa staining technique ad to compare the differences between the protruded and flat colorectal lesions. METHODS 16 457 consecutive patients with colorectal lesions underwent magnifying endoscopy and mucosa staining to detect protruded and flat colorectal(More)
For the difficulties of obtaining the discharge coefficient of the Annubar Flowmeters at large diameters, some attempt were made to improve this meter based on the numerical simulation. Some researches were done on two flowmeters with different blockage ratio under the condition of fully developed fluid by using standard k-ε turbulence model. The(More)
CFD technology is employed to simulate the fluidic flowmeters. A modified structure, that with double-target and polygonal surface, is proposed. The Measurement Characteristics are compared with the other two fluidic flowmeters, named in the paper meter with single-target, meter with double-target and straight surface. The flow fields are illustrated. The(More)
—This paper presents a new method of value identification of pointer-type pressure gauges based on machine vision, by which an automatic calibration system can be designed. Hough Transformation, image subtraction and image thinning technique are employed to obtain the coordinate of the pointer rotating center. Through removing the pixels data outside of the(More)
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