Shan-Shan Xue

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Polyvinylpyrrolidone-stabilized iridium nanoparticles (PVP-IrNPs), synthesized by the facile alcoholic reduction method using abundantly available PVP as protecting agents, were first reported as enzyme mimics showing intrinsic catalase- and peroxidase-like activities. The preparation procedure was much easier and more importantly, kinetic studies found(More)
We report here a supramolecular strategy to assemble a cyclodextrin-functionalized anticancer Ru(ii) complex with an adamantane-appended tumor-targeting peptide into discrete and stable phosphorescent nanostructures that can induce cell death in integrin αvβ3-rich tumor cells with high selectivity. This strategy presents new opportunities for the(More)
It is challenging to create artificial catalysts that approach enzymes with regard to catalytic efficiency and selectivity. The enantioselective catalysis ranks the privileged characteristic of enzymatic transformations. Here, we report two pyridine-linked bis(β-cyclodextrin) (bisCD) copper(II) complexes that enantioselectively hydrolyse chiral esters.(More)
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