Shan-Shan Wang

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In this paper, for solving the singular saddle point problems, we present a new preconditioned accelerated Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (AHSS) iteration method. The semi-convergence of this method and the eigenvalue distribution of the preconditioned iteration matrix are studied. In addition, we prove that all eigenvalues of the iteration matrix(More)
In the wide-ranging scope of modern statistical data analysis, a key task is identification of outliers. For any outlier identification procedure, one needs to know its robustness against masking (an " outlier " is undetected as such) and swamping (a " nonoutlier " is classified as an " outlier "). Masking and swamping robustness are interrelated aspects(More)
In the European honey bee, Apis mellifera, pollen foragers have a higher sucrose responsiveness than nectar foragers when tested using a proboscis extension response (PER) assay. In addition, Africanized honey bees have a higher sucrose responsiveness than European honey bees. Based on the biology of the Eastern honey bee, A. cerana, we hypothesized that A.(More)
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