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Plant protoplasts, a proven physiological and versatile cell system, are widely used in high-throughput analysis and functional characterization of genes. Green protoplasts have been successfully used in investigations of plant signal transduction pathways related to hormones, metabolites and environmental challenges. In rice, protoplasts are commonly(More)
BACKGROUND Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of irreversible visual impairment in the developed world. The two forms of advanced AMD, geographic atrophy and neovascular AMD, represent different pathological processes in the macula that lead to loss of central vision. Soft drusen, characterized by deposits in the macula without(More)
PURPOSE There is growing evidence that oxidative stress contributes to the progression of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. The authors provide evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction is a possible mechanism for the loss of trabecular meshwork (TM) cells in persons with POAG. METHODS TM from patients(More)
A systematic study on the structure and function of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) variations was carried out in China. A total of 155,879 participants were screened for G6PD deficiency by the G6PD/6PGD ratio method and 6,683 cases have been found. The prevalence of G6PD deficiency ranged from 0 to 17.4%. With informed consent, 1,004 cases from 11(More)
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), secreted from target tissues, binds and activates TrkB receptors, located on axonal terminals of the innervating neurons, and thereby initiates retrograde signaling. Long-range anterograde transport of TrkB in axons and dendrites requires kinesin-mediated transport. However, it remains unknown whether anterograde(More)
PURPOSE Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Most of the cases are primary open angle glaucoma (POAG). POAG is a genetically heterogenous disease; autosomal dominance is the most frequent type of monogenic inheritance. In this study, we identified the genotype of a MYOC mutation and investigated the phenotype of a Chinese(More)
The condensation of DNA is essential for biological processes such as DNA transcription and replication, and its study receives additional impetus from an interest in gene therapy. Although many efficacious condensing agents have been discovered and investigated, little is known about the conversation of condensation-release under suitable conditions. A(More)
There is a high prevalence of thalassemia in the South of China. To explore the genotype of alpha-thalassemia as well as the distribution of alpha globin gene mutation in the South of China, 356 patients with heterozygote alpha(+) thalassemia, heterozygote alpha(0) or homozygote alpha(+) thalassemia and 78 patients with HbH were analyzed. The gene diagnosis(More)
PURPOSE Primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, and its pathogenesis is still unknown. The purpose of this study was to determine molecular changes in membrane proteins in trabecular meshwork (TM) cells from POAG patients compared to those of age-matched normal controls. METHODS Two-dimensional (2-D) gel(More)
Antimicrobial peptides have received increasing attention in the agricultural and food industries due to their potential to control pathogens. However, to facilitate the development of novel peptide-based antimicrobial agents, details regarding the molecular mechanisms of these peptides need to be elucidated. The aim of this study was to investigate the(More)