Shan Cretin

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One problem noted recently with the diagnosis-related group payment system is that the distribution of Medicare case weights and case-mix indexes are compressed; that is, the payment rates for high-cost procedures are too low and those for low-cost procedures are too high. Despite the attention compression has received, there are no direct estimates of its(More)
OBJECTIVE Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) may substantially improve health care quality and efficiency, but the available systems are complex and their heterogeneity makes comparing and evaluating them a challenge. The authors aimed to develop a conceptual framework for anticipating the effects of alternative designs for outpatient e-prescribing(More)
Two alternative methods to Medicare Cost Reports that provide information about hospital costs more promptly but less accurately are investigated. Both employ utilization data from current-year bills. The first attaches costs to utilization data using cost-charge ratios from the previous year's cost report; the second uses charges from current year's bills.(More)
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