Shan-Chyun Ku

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A real scaled occurrence of a pattern in a text is a position of the text at which the pattern occurs in some real scale 1. The real scaled indexing problem is to preprocess a text so that all real scaled occurrences of a pattern in the text can be found efficiently. Let T be a text of length n over a finite alphabet Σ . We show that with O(n3)-time(More)
The p-median problem on a tree T is to find a set S of p vertices on T that minimize the sum of distances from T’s vertices to S. For this problem, Tamir [14] had an O(pn)-time algorithm, while Gavish and Sridhar [6] had an O(nlog n)-time algorithm for the case of p=2. In this paper, we study two generalizations of the 2-median problem, which are obtained(More)
Let T = (V ,E) be a free tree in which each vertex has a weight and each edge has a length. Let n = |V |. Given T and parameters k and l, a (k, l)-tree core is a subtree X of T with diameter l, having k leaves, which minimizes the sum of the weighted distances from all vertices in T to X. In this paper, two efficient algorithms are presented for finding a(More)