Shan Chien Fang

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INTRODUCTION Vertebral artery hypoplasia (VAH), which has been found in about 10 % of normal individuals, does not produce symptoms but may be associated with an increased risk of cerebral posterior circulation ischemic (PCI) stroke. The aims of this study were to determine the prevalence of VAH in Chinese patients with cerebral infarction and investigate(More)
To achieve data sharing among heterogeneous database management systems, one essential step is the conversion of the schemata defined in the diverse data models used by these systems. A semantic preserving translation of different modeling constructs and constraints is necessary to ensure that the semantics of applications remain intact after the(More)
Cryptographic embedded systems are vulnerable to Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attacks. In this paper, we propose a logic design style, called as Precharge Masked Reed-Muller Logic (PMRML) to overcome the glitch and Dissipation Timing Skew (DTS) problems in design of DPA-resistant cryptographic hardware. Both problems can significantly reduce the(More)
This study describes the clinical and neuroimaging features of five patients with 1, 2-Dichloroethane (DCE) toxic encephalopathy. From January 1st 1998 to June 30th 2009, five patients who were subsequently diagnosed with DCE toxic encephalopathy were admitted to our hospital. All were female workers who had been in contact with DCE and subsequently had had(More)
The spontaneous respiratory simulation is one main task of medical patient simulator. Based on the principle of breath, muscle pressure as source power is input into the breath system. Breath system is simulated as two lumped compartments, airway resistance and compliance. The output of the breath system is the flow of respiratory. Compared to the former(More)
In breathing model study, most research focus on the characteristic of breathing system. Less study concentrates on the breath power. In order to get the spontaneous breath model, respiratory muscle pressure must be taken into consideration. In this paper, the respiratory muscle pressure of autonomous respiration is used as source power and the simplest(More)
How to realize targeted photoacoustic imaging, enhanced immunotherapy, and photothermal therapy of gastric cancer has become a great challenge. Herein, we reported for the first time that human cytokine-induced killer cells (CIK) loaded with gold nanorods were used for targeted photoacoustic imaging, enhanced immunotherapy, and photothermal therapy of(More)
In many papers, data were given by figure which can not read data directly. In most situations data can only be acquired by author, which is inconvenient and time-delayed. As to the papers of many years ago, to ask for data from author is almost impossible. So recovering data from figure is the most practical way. This paper introduces the data recover(More)
In order to achieve the interoperability of heterogeneous database systems, a semantics-preserving translation of the modeling constructs and constraints captured by different data models and defined in different schemata is a necessity. It is difficult to translate the constructs and constraints of one model directly into those of another model because 1)(More)