Shanée Watson

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Synthetic scaffolds are crucial to applications in regenerative medicine; however, the foreign body response can impede regeneration and may lead to failure of the implant. Herein we report the development of a tissue engineering scaffold that allows attachment and proliferation of regenerating cells while reducing the foreign body response by localized(More)
An antiserum specific for rat aminopeptidase M has been used for the immunohistochemical localization of the enzyme in rat brain and peripheral tissues. The enzyme in brain is localized exclusively on blood vessels. Within the pituitary the enzyme was associated with the vasculature in the posterior lobe, on the surface of the intermediate lobe and on the(More)
To investigate the modulating role of lymphocytes in leukocyte recruitment in a murine model of peritonitis. RAG-1 knockout (KO) mice, NUDE mice and μMT KO mice were compared to their wild-type controls. Mice were administered with 1 ml of Brewer’s thioglycollate (BTG) and terminal peritoneal lavages were performed at 8, 24, 72 and 120 h after treatment.(More)
Microtuber formation by single node stem segments of in vitro grown potato plantlets was used as a model system for investigation of heat inhibition of tuber development. The stem segments were incubated in darkness at 20°C or 26°C on a tuberisation medium containing benzyl aminopurine (140 μg 1−1) and sucrose (80 g 1−1). Continuous incubation at 26°C(More)
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