Shamusundar N Dixit

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The amino acid sequence of chymotryptic peptides C4 and C5 which together make up 206 COOH-terminal residues of alpha2-CB3 of chick skin collagen is described. This in combination with the sequence of 132 residues from the amino-terminal region published earlier [Dixit, Seyer, and Kang (1977) Eur. J. Biochem. 73, 213-221] completes the total amino acid(More)
7S collagens were isolated after bacterial collagenase treatment of basement membrane material prepared from the pepsin digest of human kidney, liver and lung. The 7S collagens were purified by combination of molecular sieve and ion exchange chromatography. 7S collagen from each of these sources showed similar amino acid composition, electrophoretic(More)
Antibodies to collagen types I, II, and IV were measured in patients with otosclerosis and patients with Meniere's disease. Levels of antibodies to type II collagen were significantly higher in these patients than in control subjects, while no differences were found among levels of antibodies to collagen type I or type IV. These observations suggest a(More)
An oil emulsion of purified type II collagen from bovine articular cartilage when injected intradermally into rats induced an inflammatory polyarthritis in 4 of 12 animals. When similarly injected, collagen purified from bonve vitreous induced arthritis in 6 of 12 animals. Studies of humoral and cell-mediated immunity to both collagen preparations(More)
A serine esterase with potent proteolytic activity against native bovine lens capsule type IV collagen was isolated and purified from extract of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN). The type IV collagenolytic activity co-purified with N-t-benzyloxycarbonyl-L-alanine nitroanilidase, and was inhibited by phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride and(More)
The amino acid sequence of the 112 residues from the amino terminus of alpha 2-CB5 from chick skin collagen was determined by automated sequential degradation of intact alpha 2-CB5 and several chymotryptic and tryptic peptides. This segment of the peptide includes the site of the action of animal collagenases. As compared to the sequence around the alpha 1(More)