Shamusul Haque Nizamie

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PURPOSE Many opioid receptors are located in the same nuclei that are active in sleep regulation. It has been suggested that opioid peptides are involved in the induction of the sleep state. Prolonged opioid use has been hypothesized to cause disturbed sleep. It also causes excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue. This study was conducted to compare the(More)
Cavum septum pellucidum (CSP) is a neurodevelopmental anomaly, which is commonly reported in schizophrenia patients. Various symptoms of schizophrenia, including thought disturbances have been associated with CSP. We present a rare case of undifferentiated schizophrenia with CSP who presented with self-mutilating behaviors.
OBJECTIVE Schneiderian first-rank symptoms (FRS) and abnormal EEG gamma activity in schizophrenia have been reported independently to have a neurodevelopmental basis. We aimed to investigate spontaneous gamma power in two groups of first episode schizophrenia patients (those who experience FRS and those who do not). METHODS A comparative hospital based(More)
Human experience in, health and disease, always has a spiritual dimension. pirituality is accepted as one of the defining determinants of health and it no more remains a sole preserve of religion and mysticism. In recent years, pirituality has been an area of research in neurosciences and both in the nderstanding of psychiatric morbidity and extending(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare event-related potential measures, contingent negative variation and post-imperative negative variation in drug-naïve or drug-free schizophrenic patients and normal healthy controls, and to study the effect of antipsychotic medication on the above measures. METHODS A hospital-based prospective study was conducted at Central Institute(More)
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