Shamus L. G. Husheer

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BACKGROUND Despite over a decade of research and technological advances, sublingual microcirculatory monitoring has not yet reached clinical utility. Offline analysis is time consuming and occurs away from the patient. A system to assess the microcirculation at the point of care is desirable. We present a novel 5-point grading system (the point of care(More)
A mechanical x-ray chopper has been designed to perform microsecond time-resolved crystallographic studies at the DIAMOND synchrotron I19 beamline. It consists of two asymmetric absorbers rotating synchronously at frequencies from 0 to 50 Hz in the same direction around a rotation axis that is parallel to the x-ray beam. The duration of the x-ray pulses(More)
The structure of a new metastable geometric isomer of [Ru(NH3)4(H2O)(SO2)][MeC6H4SO3]2 in which the SO2 group is coordinated through a single oxygen in an eta1-OSO bonding mode has been determined at 13 K; the new isomer was obtained as a 36% component of the structure within a single crystal upon irradiation using a tungsten lamp.
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