Shamsul H. Mahmud

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We studied the ability to localize flashed stimuli, using a relative judgment task. When observers are asked to localize the peripheral position of a probe with respect to the midposition of a spatially extended comparison stimulus, they tend to judge the probe as being more toward the periphery than is the midposition of the comparison stimulus. We report(More)
A vernier, presented for a short time, shines through a following grating if the grating contains nine and more elements but remains largely invisible for smaller gratings. Therefore, extended grating masks yield, surprisingly, less masking than smaller ones. Here, we show that this mask size effect is not unique to grating masks. Masking diminishes if the(More)
We measured thresholds and reaction times for detecting a target, defined by orientation contrast, as a function of the number of elements displayed simultaneously and of the linear orientation gradient present in the display. This test served to evaluate how well the human visual system is able to ignore smooth gradients in orientation - similar to what it(More)
This article reports differences across 23 countries on 2 processes of emotion regulation––reappraisal and suppression. Cultural dimensions were correlated with country means on both and the relationship between them. Cultures that emphasized the maintenance of social order––that is, those that were long-term oriented and valued embeddedness and(More)
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