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BACKGROUND People living with HIV (PLHIV) sometimes experience discrimination. There is little understanding of the causes, forms and consequences of this stigma in Islamic countries. This qualitative study explored perceptions and experiences of PLHIV regarding both the quality of healthcare and the attitudes and behaviours of their healthcare providers in(More)
Physical activity (PA) helps to prevent osteoporosis, but older women are often sedentary. This study used a pre-post randomized controlled design to evaluate a 12-week exercise education intervention program based on the stages of change (SoC) and processes of change from the transtheoretical change model (TTM) to improve adherence with strength and(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity (PA) rates decline precipitously during the high school years and are consistently lower among adolescent girls than adolescent boys. Due to cultural barriers, this problem might be exacerbated in female Iranian adolescents. However, little intervention research has been conducted to try to increase PA participation rates with(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescent smoking problem has still remained as a public health concern, but factors that attributing to the initiation of adolescent smoking are not well known in Iran. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to estimate the prevalence of smoking, and its associations among high school male adolescents in Iran, in the context of the theory of(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to assess the validity and reliability of the designed sexual, behavioral abstinence, and avoidance of high-risk situation questionnaire (SBAHAQ), with an aim to construct an appropriate development tool in the Iranian population. MATERIALS AND METHODS A descriptive-analytic study was conducted among female undergraduate(More)
BACKGROUND This study carried out to develop a scale for assessing diabetic patients' perceptions about physical activity and to test its psychometric properties (The Physical Activity Questionnaire for Diabetic Patients-PAQ-DP). METHODS An item pool extracted from the Theory of Planned Behavior literature was generated. Then an expert panel evaluated the(More)
In response to the need for effective tobacco prevention programmes in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the present study sought to determine the major risk factors for initiation of smoking by adolescents. A content analysis with a qualitative approach was conducted through 22 in-depth interviews, 2 focus groups (4 and 6 participants in each group) and 30(More)
BACKGROUND Extensive body of the literature reveals that proper use of helmets is an effective way to reduce the severity of injuries and fatalities among motorcyclists. However, many motorcyclists do not use safety helmet properly. This study aimed to empirically explore reactions of motorcyclists to the safety helmet laws, in Iran. METHODS Qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Continuous performing of diabetes self-care behaviors was shown to be an effective strategy to control diabetes and to prevent or reduce its- related complications. This study aimed to investigate predictors of self-care behavior based on the extended theory of reasoned action by self efficacy (ETRA) among women with type 2 diabetes in Iran. (More)