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Effect of pine bark (Pinus radiata) extracts on sporulation of coccidian oocysts.
A series of experiments have been undertaken to determine the effect of water extracts from pine bark (Pinus radiata) on the inhibition of the sporulation of oocysts of three species of avianExpand
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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of the prebiotic activity of water-soluble blueberry extracts
The prebiotic effects of water extracts of two blueberry (BBE) cultivars (‘Centurion’ and ‘Maru’) were studied using pure and mixed cultures of human faecal bacteria. The results demonstrated for theExpand
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Developmental regulation of connexins 26, 32, 36, and 43 in trigeminal neurons
The transition from sucking to chewing during postnatal development is accompanied by changes in masticatory muscle activity patterns. We previously demonstrated that changes in numerous parametersExpand
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Antioxidant activity and polyphenol content of green tea flavan-3-ols and oligomeric proanthocyanidins
The antioxidant activity and total phenolics content (TPC) of freshly prepared green tea extract (GTE) as affected by time, temperature and stirring were determined using the ferric reducingExpand
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Krox-20 gene expression: influencing hindbrain-craniofacial developmental interactions.
Krox-20 is a C(2)H(2)-type zinc-finger transcription factor that plays an essential role in hindbrain development. The Krox-20 null mutation results in hindbrain anomalies that result in neonatalExpand
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The ontogeny of Krox-20 expression in brainstem and cerebellar neurons
The central expression of Krox-20, a C(2)H(2)-type zinc-finger transcription factor and immediate early gene, is primarily studied in the young embryo, where it contributes to rhombomere (r) r3 andExpand
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Mesencephalic Trigeminal Nucleus Development Is Dependent on Krox-20 Expression
Krox-20, a C2H2-type zinc-finger transcription factor, plays an important role in rhombomere development. This study reveals that the Krox-20 null mutation impacts the development of mesencephalicExpand
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