Shamima Yeasmin

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This study examined the status of KRAS and BRAF mutations, in relation to extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase (ERK) activation in 58 ovarian carcinomas to clarify the clinicopathological and prognostic significance of KRAS/BRAF mutations. Somatic mutations of either KRAS or BRAF were identified in 12 (20.6%) out of 58 ovarian carcinomas. The(More)
PURPOSE We previously determined that NAC-1, a transcription factor and member of the BTB/POZ gene family, is associated with recurrent ovarian carcinomas. In the current study, we investigated further the relationship between NAC-1 expression and ovarian cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN NAC-1 expression was assessed by immunohistochemistry, and clinical(More)
Microwave endometrial ablation is a new, minimally invasive treatment option for menorrhagia. Its popularity in many countries is increasing due to its safety and simplicity. We treated menorrhagia due to submucosal myomas in two patients with a modified microwave endometrial ablation device. Surgery was contraindicated in the first patient secondary to(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the patterns of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) overexpression, EGFR gene amplification, and the presence of activating mutations in the tyrosine kinase domain of this gene in squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas/adenosquamous carcinomas of the uterine cervix. METHODS The EGFR expression,(More)
This study examined the biological and clinical significance of NAC1 (nucleus accumbens associated 1) expression in both cervical squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas/adenosquamous carcinomas. Using immunohistochemistry, the frequency of positive NAC1 expression in adenocarcinomas/adenosquamous carcinomas (31.0%; 18/58) was significantly higher than(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the biological and clinical significance of NAC1 expression in ovarian cancer and assessed whether NAC1 has the potential to be a therapeutic target. METHODS NAC1 expression and gene amplification were assessed in ovarian cancers by immunohistochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and clinical data collected by a(More)
Study shows that software developers spend about 19% of their time looking for information in the web during software development and maintenance. Traditional web search forces them to leave the working environment (e.g., IDE) and look for information in the web browser. It also does not consider the context of the problems that the developers search(More)
In regenerative medicine approaches involving cell therapy, selection of the appropriate cell type is important in that the cells must directly (differentiation) or indirectly (trophic effects) participate in the regenerative response. Regardless of the mode of action of the cells, angiogenesis underlies the success of these approaches. Stem cells derived(More)
Exaggerated placental site is defined as a non-neoplastic trophoblastic lesion featuring exuberant infiltration into the endometrium and myometrium by intermediate trophoblasts and syncytiotrophoblasts. Exaggerated placental site can occur following normal or ectopic pregnancy, abortion, or hydatidiform mole. We encountered a case of reactive exaggerated(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to clarify the functional role of Notch3 in human cervical carcinomas. METHODS Notch3 expression in cervical cancer was assessed by immunohistochemistry, and data on clinical variables were collected by retrospective chart review. We used dual-color fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to analyze DNA copy number(More)