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BACKGROUND We analyzed data from the baseline assessment of a large intervention project to describe typical handwashing practices in rural Bangladesh, and compare measures of hand cleanliness with household characteristics. METHODS We randomly selected 100 villages from 36 districts in rural Bangladesh. Field workers identified 17 eligible households per(More)
CONTEXT Treatment of complications of unsafe abortion can be a significant financial drain on health system resources, particularly in developing countries. In Bangladesh, menstrual regulation is provided by the government as a backup to contraception. The comparison of economic costs of providing menstrual regulation care with those of providing treatment(More)
Brain stem noradrenergic cell groups mediating autonomic responses to stress project to airway-related vagal preganglionic neurons (AVPNs). In ferrets, their activation produces withdrawal of cholinergic outflow to the airways via release of norepinephrine and activation of alpha(2A)-adrenergic receptors (alpha(2A)-AR) expressed by AVPNs. In these studies,(More)
Although Klebsiella bacteremia in children is perceived to be associated with fatal consequences, data are scarce on those children presenting with diarrhea. We evaluated the factors associated with Klebsiella bacteremia in such children. In this retrospective chart analysis, data of all diarrheal children was retrieved from electronic medical record system(More)
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