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A neural network classification based noise identification method is presented by isolating some representative noise samples, and extracting their statistical features for noise type identification. The isolation of representative noise samples is achieved using prevalent used image filters whereas noise identification is performed using statistical(More)
The edges provide important visual information since they correspond to major physical and geometrical variations in scene object. Edge detection is a terminology in image processing that refers to algorithms which aim at identifying edges in an image. In this paper a Feedforward Neural Network (FNN) based algorithm is proposed to detect edges in gray scale(More)
Throughout the world the common cause of death in humans is lung cancer. It is necessary to detect cancer as early as possible to increase the survival rate. Lung cancer in CT scan images can be classified easily and efficiently using digital image processing techniques. Curvelet transform can extract the features of lung cancer CT scan images proficiently.(More)
The role of biliary deoxycholate as an endogenous carcinogen and the possible association between cholelithiasis and the subsequent development of carcinoma of the gall bladder is unclear. This paper describes biliary bile acid analysis performed on three groups of patients, 10 with cholelithiasis, 10 with carcinoma of the gall bladder and 10 control(More)
This paper presents feature extraction and classification of multiclass images by using Haar wavelet transform and back propagation neural network. The wavelet features are extracted from original texture images and corresponding complementary images. The features are made up of different combinations of sub-band images, which offer better discriminating(More)
Dynamic textures are common in natural scenes. Examples of dynamic textures in video include fire, smoke, trees in the wind, clouds, sky, ocean waves etc. The fire is characterized using efficient features and detection of the same using a suitable processing. Every pixel is checked for the presence or absence of fire using color features, and periodic(More)
— The biometrics is the study of physical traits or behavioral characteristics of human include items such as finger prints, face, hand geometry, gait, keystrokes, voice and iris. Among the biometrics, iris has highly accurate and reliable characteristics. An iris has unique structure and it remains stable over a person life time. Iris recognition is one of(More)
Texts detection from image or complex colored document is a very challenging problem. Text in images and videos contain useful information. There is a significant need to extract and analyze the text in images on Web documents, for effective indexing, semantic analysis and searching. The extraction of text information is very important because texts contain(More)
Barcode localization is the main challenge in developing an image-based barcode reading system. Bar codes are able to carry both explicit information and a database key, by encoding a series of characters or symbols. This paper deals with localization of European Article Number-13 (EAN-13) barcode in an image. A new approach for detecting and locating(More)