Shamik Ghosh

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Interval graphs were used in the study of genomics by the famous molecular biologist Benzer. Later on probe interval graphs were introduced by Zhang as a generalization of interval graphs for the study of cosmid contig mapping of DNA. A tagged probe interval graph (briefly, TPIG) is motivated by similar applications to genomics, where the set of vertices is(More)
A (simple undirected) graph G = (V, E) with m edges is graceful if it has a distinct vertex labeling f : V −→ {0, 1, 2, 3,. .. , m} which induces a set of distinct edge labels {|f (u) − f (v)| | uv ∈ E, u, v ∈ V }. The famous Ringel-Kotzig conjecture [9, 15] is that all trees are graceful. The base of a tree T is obtained from T by deleting its one-degree(More)