Shamik Ghosh

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Host immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis is mediated by T cells that recognize and activate infected macrophages to control intracellular bacterial replication. The early appearance of T cells in the lungs of infected mice correlates with greater resistance to infection. However, it is unknown whether the trafficking of T cells to the lung following(More)
The power graph of a group is the graph whose vertex set is the group, two elements being adjacent if one is a power of the other. We observe that non-isomorphic finite groups may have isomorphic power graphs, but that finite abelian groups with isomorphic power graphs must be isomorphic. We conjecture that two finite groups with isomorphic power graphs(More)
Interval graphs were used in the study of genomics by the famous molecular biologist Benzer. Later on probe interval graphs were introduced by Zhang as a generalization of interval graphs for the study of cosmid contig mapping of DNA. A tagged probe interval graph (briefly, TPIG) is motivated by similar applications to genomics, where the set of vertices is(More)