Shami Yesha Acharya

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BACKGROUND The Bradykinesia Akinesia Incoordination (BRAIN) test is a computer keyboard-tapping task that was developed for use in assessing the effect of symptomatic treatment on motor function in Parkinson's disease (PD). An online version has now been designed for use in a wider clinical context and the research setting. METHODS Validation of the(More)
Objective Skull base metastases (SBMs) are rare lesions in close proximity to critical neural and vasculature structures. This rarity and complexity have led many to only offer nonsurgical therapies. The surgical outcomes for patients with SBM therefore remain unknown. Design Retrospective, comparison analyses. Setting Johns Hopkins Hospital. Participants(More)
OBJECTIVE The management of patients with brain metastases is typically dependent on their prognosis. Recursive partitioning analysis (RPA) is the most commonly used method for prognosticating survival, but has limitations for patients in the intermediate class. The aims of this study were to ascertain preoperative risk factors associated with survival,(More)
Patients often report sounds in the head after craniotomy. We aim to characterize the prevalence and nature of these sounds, and identify any patient, pathology, or technical factors related to them. These data may be used to inform patients of this sometimes unpleasant, but harmless effect of cranial surgery. Prospective observational study of patients(More)
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