Shameem Fatima

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This study examines the Arabic interface design elements that are largely influenced by the cultural values. Cultural markers are examined in websites from educational, business, and media. Cultural values analysis is based on Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. The findings show that there are cultural markers which are largely influenced by the culture(More)
Though several electronic assistive devices have been developed for the visually impaired in the past few decades, however, relatively few solutions have been devised to aid them in recognizing generic objects in their environment, particularly indoors. Nevertheless, research in this area is gaining momentum. Among the various technologies being utilized(More)
OBJECTIVE It is known that some environmental variables can significantly affect the development of executive functions (EF). The primary aim of this study was to analyze whether some family conditions, such as the adolescent's perception of the quality of parent-child relationships and the socioeconomic status (SES; assessed according to education,(More)
The main focus of the current study was to assess whether executive functions (EFs) moderate the effect of parental punishment on adolescent aggression. The sample were 370 participants (53% girls, 47% boys) enrolled at secondary and higher secondary levels and ranged in age between 13-19 years (M = 15.5, SD = 1.3). Participants were assessed on a(More)
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