Shambhavi Mishra

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BACKGROUND There are conflicting data regarding the prevalence of colorectal polyp in patients with acromegaly. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Consecutive forty-seven acromegalic patients (21 men, 26 women), with a mean age of (40 ± 12 years) attending endocrinology outpatient department underwent full colonoscopy. All the patients underwent clinical and(More)
The present study was carried out in 208, 8-10 yr old male, rural, primary school children of Kashi Vidyapith Block, Varanasi. These children were examined for anthropometry, soft neurological signs and electroencephalographic pattern. It was found that the presence of soft neurological signs was related to the severity of malnutrition. The relationship(More)
Decimal adders and multipliers are the basic building block for arithmetic and logical unit and barrel shifters in today's high end processors and controllers. In this paper, an efficient BCD adder is designed based on low power synthesis technique at the architectural level. There are different levels of abstraction at which the power can be minimized but(More)
Neurosteroids are those which are synthesized in the central nervous system independently of supply by peripheral endocrine glands. In the present study, brain contents of the steroid hormones, estradiol-17β (E2), testosterone (T), corticosteroids, and progestins were investigated in both male and female catfish Heteropneustes fossilis in prespawning(More)
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