Shamarial Roberson

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BACKGROUND Individuals with pre-diabetes and diabetes have increased risks of developing macro-vascular complications including heart disease and stroke; which are the leading causes of death globally. The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence of pre-diabetes and diabetes, and to investigate their predictors among adults ≥18 years in(More)
A single intradermal injection of a sterile extract of sonic disrupted Group A streptococci has been shown to produce a chronic remittent and intermittent lesion of the dermal connective tissue of rabbits (1). Histological studies reveal areas of fibrinoid necrosis and an associated granulo-matous reaction (2). There is no evidence that hypersensitivity is(More)
BACKGROUND Identifying geographic areas with significantly high risks of stroke is important for informing public health prevention and control efforts. The objective of this study was to investigate geographic and temporal patterns of stroke hospitalization and mortality risks so as to identify areas and seasons with significantly high burden of the(More)
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