Shama Yazdani

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The performance of a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is inspired by a number of factors: the choice of the selection method the type of crossover operator, the rate of mutation, population size etc. GA allows a diverse population to evolve under a specific selection scheme to fitter population. Therefore, the choice of the selection method plays a very important(More)
We proposed an automatic hybrid image segmentation model that integrates the modified statistical expectation maximization (EM) method and the spatial information combined with Support Vector Machines (SVM). To improve the overall segmentation performance different types of information are integrated in this study, which are, voxel location, textural(More)
The human dominance on earth exhibits a general rule-‘with intelligence comes power’. As of now, human brain is the most complicated object in the entire known universe. Agent Based Evolution Model in JAVA (ABEMJ) is a simulation designed on Java platform that portrays the learning and evolution of artificially intelligent agents. It is a two dimensional(More)
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