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As Neural Networks are applied to more complex and realistic applications, the development of more recognition algorithms is becoming important. Face Recognition involves mapping of the images of a person's (face) to the identity of that person. Artificial Neural Networks are known to be very effective in pattern recognition applications due to their high(More)
Monitoring and Statistics for their support in conducting this evaluation. Director NRHM in conducting the field visits for this study. Uttara Kannada and Yadgir districts who cooperated with our field teams, provided logistical support and patiently answered our interviews. We thank the ANMs, ASHAs, ARS and VHSC representatives who provided their time and(More)
OP–45 Figure 2 Antenatal care services, Chitradurga<lb>district, Karnataka, 2015–2016. Abstract OP–45 Figure 3 Cohort report for antenatal care services,<lb>Chitradurga district, 2015–2016.OP–45 Figure 3 Cohort report for antenatal care services,<lb>Chitradurga district, 2015–2016. Abstract OP–45 Figure 4 Cohort report for child immunisation<lb>services,(More)
Introduction The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has initiated community-based institutions at various levels of the health system e.g. Arogya Raksha Samithi (ARS) and Planning and Monitoring Committee (PMC) at Primary Health Center (PHC) level while the Village Health and Sanitation Committee (VHSC) at the revenue village level. These institutions are(More)
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