Shalva S. Landy

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This work explores new ways that technology can enhance education. We are developing a system that "watches" students as they play with a Tangram puzzle on a physical tabletop, and offers help at appropriate times. Thus instead of making the computer a central part of the educational experience, our system acts as a "guide on the side" that students may(More)
This study investigated the relationship between adult attachment status and maternal sensitivity in a sample of 30 at-risk mother-child dyads. The children were 18-42 months old with an equal distribution of boys and girls that were at risk for compromised development due to a number of social, emotional and environmental factors. Using the Adult(More)
TICLE (Tangible Interfaces for Collaborative Learning Environments) is a project that explores new ways that a computer can enhance learning without dominating the educational experience. We have developed a prototype system that "watches" as students play with Tangram pieces on a physical tabletop, and acts as a "guide on the side" by offering help at(More)
Children naturally learn about their world by manipulating objects within it. Playing with blocks and puzzles helps to develop their understanding of spatial relationships and other mathematical concepts. Using physical objects also allows them to work and learn in groups. Yet sometimes they need outside intervention from an adult or knowledgeable guide to(More)
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