Shalva Amiranashvili

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The concept of rogue waves arises from a mysterious and potentially calamitous phenomenon of oceanic surfaces. There is mounting evidence that they are actually commonplace in a variety of different physical settings. A set of defining criteria has been advanced; this set is of great generality and therefore applicable to a wide class of systems. The(More)
—We consider propagation of ultrashort optical pulses in nonlinear fibers and suggest a new theoretical framework for description of pulse dynamics and exact characterization of solitary solutions. Our approach deals with a proper complex generalization of the nonlinear Maxwell equations and completely avoids the use of the slowly varying envelope(More)
—Ultrashort pulses contain only a few optical cycles and exhibit broad spectra. Their carrier frequency is therefore not well defined and their description in terms of the standard slowly varying envelope approximation (SVEA) becomes questionable. Existing modeling approaches can be divided in two classes, namely generalized envelope equations, that stem(More)
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