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Modeling of a business system has traditionally been based on free text documents. This work describes an elaborate experiment that constitutes a proof of concept to the idea that a system model can be acquired through an automated process whose input is a corpus of technical free text requirement documents and whose output is an OPM model, expressed both(More)
  • S Workflows, T Bowers, +4 authors Intl
  • 2006
• Motivation – supporting user-oriented provenance queries – in the presence of complex (e.g. pipelining) MoCs – Monitor, benchmark, and optimize workflow performance – Record resource usage for a workflow execution – " Smart Rerun " of (variants of) previous executions – Checkpointing & restart (e.g. for crash recovery, load balancing) – Debug or(More)
case studies conducted, we explain how vendors may achieve an improved level of software development Improvisation has been discussed to some extent in improvisational skills. the Innovation and Entrepreneurship literature with regard to processes and tasks performed by entrepreneurs when faced with uncertainty, such as in 1. Introduction organizational(More)
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