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The incidence rate of mammary neoplasia in a large colony of beagles and the relationship to internal skeletal and/or liver radiation, age, relatively late ovariectomy (4 years and older), endometritis, parity status, and adrenal weight were examined. Of these various factors, age was the only condition that was clearly correlated with changes in the(More)
Cocaine is known to degrade in vivo and in vitro by several hydrolytic mechanisms. A previous study found that the initial amount of cocaine added to plasma could be accounted for by summing the molar concentrations of cocaine's hydrolysis products and the cocaine remaining after hydrolysis. The present study was undertaken to investigate whether or not(More)
Three groups of C57BL/Do mice were injected with different activities of 243,244Cm so that the long-term biological effects could be evaluated. The biological retention, R, of injected curium in the skeleton at t days after injection could be represented by the equations R = 0.245e-0.000379t and R = 0.208e-0.000494t for male and female mice, respectively.(More)