Shalini S. Bhagwat

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In 1975, Hamberg et al. reported evidence for the existence of an unstable platelet-aggregating factor which they named thromboxane A2 (TXA2) and for which they proposed a novel bicyclic oxetane structure (1, below) based on the short half-life of the factor (t1/2 (37 degrees C) = 32 s at pH 7.4) and the isolation of degradation products related to(More)
BACKGROUND Sida L., is a medicinally important genus, the species of which are widely used in traditional systems of medicine in India. Pharmacologically, roots are known for anti-tumor, anti-HIV, hepatoprotective, and many other properties. Phenolic antioxidants help in reducing oxidative stress occurring during treatment of such diseases. OBJECTIVE The(More)
The weight of muscles and bones of the right and left hind limbs has been studied in 60 frogs. In the first ten frogs studied, the number and size of motoneurons of the seventh, eighth and ninth lumbar spinal segments (which give origin to the sciatic nerve) were studied on both sides. This was done to ascertain the relationship between motoneuron size and(More)
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