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Nutritional and therapeutic values of Stevia rebaudiana: A review
Stevia rebaudiana is a nutrient rich natural sweetest plant of Asteraceae family. The leaves naturally contain diterpene glycosides stevioside, rebaudiosides A-F, steviolbioside and dulcoside, whichExpand
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Improved accuracy using recursive Bayesian estimation based language model fusion in ERP-based BCI typing systems
RSVP Keyboard™ is an electroencephalography (EEG) based brain computer interface (BCI) typing system, designed as an assistive technology for the communication needs of people with locked-in syndromeExpand
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Influence of jasmonic acid as potential activator of induced resistance against Karnal bunt in developing spikes of wheat
Induction of defense response against Karnal bunt (KB) by suppressing the pathogenesis was observed upon exogenous application of jasmonic acid (JA) as evident from decrease in the coefficient ofExpand
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On visually evoked potentials in eeg induced by multiple pseudorandom binary sequences for brain computer interface design
Visually evoked potentials have attracted great attention in the last two decades for the purpose of brain computer interface design. Visually evoked P300 response is a major signal of interest thatExpand
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An ERP-based Brain-Computer Interface for text entry using Rapid Serial Visual Presentation and Language Modeling
Event related potentials (ERP) corresponding to stimuli in electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to detect the intent of a person for brain computer interfaces (BCI). This paradigm is widely usedExpand
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Enzymes of Phenylpropanoid Metabolism Involved in Strengthening the Structural Barrier for Providing Genotype and Stage Dependent Resistance to Karnal Bunt in Wheat
The role of lignifications and enzymes involved in the phenylpropanoid (PP) biosynthesis i.e. phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL), Peroxidase (POD), Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) in providing resistance toExpand
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A Physiologically Regulated Multidomain Cystatin of Wheat Shows Stage-Dependent Immunity Against Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica)
To identify novel components of basal resistance against the Tellitia indica of wheat, breeding for disease resistance was carried out on resistant and susceptible genotype of Karnal Bunt. TheExpand
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Fusion with language models improves spelling accuracy for ERP-based brain computer interface spellers
Event related potentials (ERP) corresponding to a stimulus in electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to detect the intent of a person for brain computer interfaces (BCI). This paradigm is widelyExpand
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Potential Applications of Food Derived Bioactive Peptides in Management of Health
Recently the rise in noncommunicable diseases and side effects of drugs has promoted the research in food components with biologically active molecules. These bioactive components are vital inExpand
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Anticancer Potential of Steviol in MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells
Objective: This study aimed to investigate the cytotoxicity, apoptosis induction, and mechanism of action of steviol on human breast cancer cells (Michigan Cancer Foundation-7 [MCF-7]). Materials andExpand
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