Shalini Jaswal

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UNLABELLED Mammary gland is an exocrine and sebaceous gland made up of branching network of ducts that end in alveoli. Milk is synthesized in the alveoli and secreted into alveolar lumen. Mammary gland represents an ideal system for the study of organogenesis that undergoes successive cycles of pregnancy, lactation and involution. To gain insights on the(More)
Previous studies have implicated the CCAAT box/enhancer binding protein beta (C/EBPbeta) in the regulation of cell-type specific gene expression in myelomonocytic cells and in the activation of target genes by the transcription factor v-Myb. To better understand the role of C/EBPbeta in myelomonocytic cells we have cloned the chicken C/EBPbeta gene and(More)
MGP-40 is a chitinase-like protein which is over expressed during mammary gland involution. However, its physiological function in the mammary gland is poorly understood. In the present investigation, we have reported the functional significance of buffalo specific MGP-40 in the mammary gland by using an in vitro model of the buffalo mammary epithelial cell(More)
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