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Mushroom nutraceuticals for improved nutrition and better human health: A review
Mushrooms have always been treasured and appreciated due to their immense role in curing various degenerative diseases. Also their unique taste and flavour make them a demanding food for every man’sExpand
Selenium bioaccumulation and associated nutraceutical properties in Calocybe indica mushroom cultivated on Se-enriched wheat straw.
The principle component analysis (PCA) illustrated close correlations amongst the biomass yield, polyphenols, and antioxidant activities at 5 μg/ml concentrations of the Se. Expand
Medicinal Mushrooms as a Source of Novel Functional Food
The rising demand for functional food free from synthetic chemicals indicates the awareness of people on quality food and there is very little awareness on mushrooms as a healthy food and as an important source of biological active substances with medicinal value. Expand
Technological, nutritional, functional and sensorial attributes of the cookies fortified with Calocybe indica mushroom
To boost the nutritional and functional quality of cookies, wheat flour was replaced with Calocybe indica powder (CIP) at different proportions (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%). Formulated CIP cookies wereExpand
Nutritional profiling and value addition of products from Hypsizygus tessellatus
Hypsizygus tessellatus is a popular wild edible culinary mushroom commonly cultivated in Japan, East Asia and North Europe. It is rich in micro nutrients and has great anti-tumorous, anti-cancerousExpand
Medicinal importance of mushroom mycelium: Mechanisms and applications
This review focuses on the optimum growth conditions required by mycelia for enhanced quality and yield prospects along with the biological mechanisms responsible for their therapeutic properties and their applications. Expand
Yield, Nutritional Composition and Antioxidant Properties of Calocybe indica Cultivated on Wheat Straw Basal Substrate Supplemented with Nitrogenous Tree Leaves
In this study, we cultivated Calocybe indica (C. indica) on wheat straw basal substrate and analysed the influence of supplementation of nitrogenous tree leaves of Syzygium cumini (SCL), BauhiniaExpand
Valorization of Paddy Straw Using De-oiled Cakes for P. ostreatus Cultivation and Utilization of Spent Mushroom Substrate for Biopesticide Development
Paddy is widely consumed staple food for the largest part of the world's human population. The disposal of paddy straw (PS) is causing worldwide environmental concern. Although, the utilization of PSExpand
Vitamin D2 fortification of Calocybe indica mushroom by natural and artificial UVB radiations and their potential effects on nutraceutical properties
Calocybe indica mushroom was exposed under natural and artificial UVB light to enhance vitamin D2 contents in the fruit bodies and how UVB rays chemically altered the scores for all seventeen amino acids that were analyzed is described. Expand