Shalihah Mahamad

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Five out of the nine benzene–toulene–ethylbenzene-xylene (BTEX) tolerant bacteria that demonstrated high protease activity on skim milk agar were isolated. Among them, isolate 115b identified as Bacillus pumilus exhibited the highest protease production. The protease produced was stable in 25% (v/v) benzene and toluene and it was activated 1.7 and 2.5- fold(More)
An organic solvent-tolerant bacterium designated as 146 capable of producing an organic solvent-stable alkaline protease was isolated from contaminated soil of a wood factory. The strain was a Gram-positive, spore-forming, nitrate-positive, rod-shaped organism capable of hydrolysing gelatine, starch, skim milk and identified asBacillus cereus. Activity of(More)
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